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Go SMiLE Teeth Whitening Gel

December 6, 2019


Hyperox solution is made of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, and surfactant. All these ingredients work together in Go SMILE Teeth Whitening Gel to gently whiten teeth and prevent discomfort for sensitive teeth. The tube holds 3.4 oz of whitening gel and It’s available from third party sellers, through Amazon, for $25. The gel can also be used as a refill for certain toothbrushes like Sonic Blue, Dental Pro, and Sonic Pro. 



Go SMILE Teeth Whitening Gel is small, portable, and easy to use. The gel is made with Hyperox technology for a noticeably whiter smile. The company only creates oral hygiene products so they could be experts in their field. Customers can purchase it once for a one time fee or opt for a slightly cheaper price that will recur every month for a new tube of whitening gel. 



Hyperox Technology is used because some consider it a superior whitening treatment to many other formulas. Since it is a compact, gel solution customers can apply it whenever or wherever they like. The formula has been clinically proven to whiten teeth, so customers should expect some results. The gel can be applied to those with braces, dentures, crowns, etc. Go SMILE is a company that has been dedicated to creating oral hygiene products since 2002.



The whitening gel is guaranteed to cause no sensitivity, but the Hyperox formula includes hydrogen peroxide, a chemical known to cause discomfort if left on too long. It’s assumed that the gel will have to be continually used to maintain a whiter shade, which could become expensive. The expense could outweigh the benefits. Some fake products were received, through from Amazon, instead of the real thing.

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