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December 4, 2019


Snow is an app to be used with the corresponding Snow: Teeth Whitening System, available as a free download for Apple and Android devices. It has been featured favorably in the media by Marie Clare, People, Good Housekeeping, Elle, and Vogue. The system’s availability spans more than 180 countries. 



Snow is an app to view the results of the Snow: Teeth Whitening System. It has the ability to sync devices from the whitening system. Users can view progress made in different factors of oral health by combining the app with any of the 60 treatments. However, little information is given to how the app determines this progress or what differentiates the many whitening treatments.



Helpful tutorials pop up immediately when the app opens. One of the first screens prompts users to “shake device”. This is to sync the mouthpiece from the purchased Snow: Teeth Whitening System with the app. A measurable benefit of the app is the progress charts. Weekly progress is shown by graphs separated by teeth whitening and gum health.



Overall, the app seems to be more for praise and support after purchasing the teeth whitening system, rather than offering many additional benefits. There isn’t much information explaining the system for those on the fence about purchasing. The ‘About Us’ section is hard to access. When it is finally reached through redirection to the main website, it doesn’t explain how the system works, in detail, other than it uses LED lights. The FAQ claims Snow offers over 60 treatments with little explanation as to what they are or how they differ. This could confuse or intimidate prospective users. Overall, the Snow app doesn’t offer much use without the pre-purchased whitening system to explore.

Mobile Apps

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Snow is an app to be used with the corresponding Snow: Teeth Whitening System, available as a free download for Apple and…

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