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December 4, 2019


Smilelicity is a simulation app only available for Apple devices. It does not offer any actual teeth whitening services or promotions, only the depiction of whiter teeth. Dentists, companies, or individual users can try the app for $0.99 the first month, and then it will charge a recurring fee of $9.99 for each additional month.



Smilelicity can be used to brighten people’s smiles in pictures. Instead of being a tool to help whiten smiles, it offers education on how smiles may appear after whitening services have been given. This app was created by dentists to showcase the results of teeth whitening services on different individuals before a decision is made on treatment.



Smilelicity doesn’t just brand everyone’s teeth the same shade of white in their pictures. It can be used by companies or individuals to mimic the appearance of a brighter smile. However, dentists designed it with 12 shades to choose from to best capture the results from whitening treatments. The app only takes minutes to transform images and uses firewall encryption to protect images and identities. 



Users are unable to see any of the features of Smilelicty before making a decision on whether to subscribe. After downloading, the app prompts the user to begin the $0.99 one month trial subscription (recurring as $9.99 for each month after). This is the only way to gain access. There is no way to preview or try out the interface. The website and the App Store features more information on what to expect and reviews.

Mobile Apps

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