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Let’s Brush Free

December 4, 2019


Let’s Brush Free is a completely free app for Apple devices. It syncs with Apple Music, and possibly other music apps stored on users’ phones, for background music during brushing sessions. Helpful tips are shown by clicking on the “i” information icon. Additional tips can be found at



Let’s Brush Free prompts users to begin brushing by selecting “start” on a screen showing an open layout of a complete set of teeth and a countdown number of 3 minutes. Once “start” is selected, music begins playing and a section of teeth are highlighted to guide users how and where to brush. The section highlights change with vibration notifications as the time counts down. 



Let’s Brush Free is a simple app that instructs users where to brush and for how long. Complicated metrics aren’t displayed after the brushing session ends. The app seems to connect with users’ playlists, synced from Apple music. This allows users to enjoy favorite artists while brushing, once section at a time, for 2 or 3 minutes.



It’s unclear if Let’s Brush Free will automatically sync to other music apps or have a standard playlist if users don’t subscribe to Apple Music. There is no explanation of the benefits of choosing to brush for 3 minutes instead of 2. Both of which are offered by clicking on the wrench icon, and taken to the preferences menu.

Mobile Apps

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Let’s Brush Free

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