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Mobile Apps


December 4, 2019


Users can preview how much they can expect to save on dental procedures by using the search feature, selecting the establishment, and comparing available discounts. The app’s reach doesn’t extend outside the U.S. It also populates a member ID card with information that can be given to dental offices to confirm the available savings.



The Chewsi app offers two main benefits: it’s simple and straightforward. The app prompts users to register or find a dentist. Users can search for dentists who offer Chewsi’s discounts by location, name, or both. The app doesn’t contain a complicated interface. This simple system performs the two main functions. After a user registers, the only additional benefit is to store a credit/debit card to pay for discounted dental services through the app.



Instead of listing tedious promotional articles in the app, additional information is accessed by being redirected to the main Chewsi website. This seems to protect the simplicity of Chewsi for quickly finding discounted dentists. It takes some tricky navigation to discover that Chewsi is a free app with no required subscription or monthly fees. It’s a more affordable option for non-insured dental procedures. 



Chewsi has two pop up windows that occur every time a user tries to go back from the “Find a Dentist” feature. The first asks if they successfully found a dentist. After clicking ‘no’, a second pop up asks users if they’d like to invite a dentist. This is an in-your-face approach to receiving feedback on the Chewsi search feature and pressuring users to extend the company’s network through individual referrals.

Mobile Apps

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